About Us

On The Web Community is the hub to connecting local communities within the greater Hudson Valley & the Champlain areas. Connecting communities from Westchester north to the Canadian border. This includes not only the physical rail trails and walkways but also the northeastern New York Internet communities. As the web expands everyday there is a need for the connection of these communities on the Internet Rail Trail in New York State. This is the idea behind the On The Web Community.

Business Website Directories

Browse the Business Website Directories on our Member Websites. There are business listings from Westchester, north to the Canadian border. Websites are listed in two ways: alphabetically or by category. Thousands of websites are listed. Just find the county you are searching for on our “Member Websites” page accessible from the top menu.

Links to Rail Trails

To make it easy to find, there are live Links to Rail Trails, Walkways & Bike Paths that are in the eastern part of New York State. They are found on our “Member Websites” page accessible in the navigation link across the top. There are live links to those Trails on the websites found there. Also on our member websites are links to other trail maps…

Maps & Weather

On our member websites (specifically the Rail Trails) are Local County Maps with links to areas within those counties which show area business names, locations, contact information, website links and a business description. Also available on all member websites is a local weather link for up to date weather reports.

New Features

As we test and implement new features on our member websites, you will be updated by email. Make sure you subscribe to our email list on the contact page.

Member Websites

Make sure you visit the “Member Websites” link above for a list with live links to all our member websites.


On The Web Community