Welcome to the "On The Web Community"

We are a group of Graphic Artists, Web and Sign Designers that have been in business for many years. We saw the need to bring together a community of businesses for reasonably priced advertising and a place where the businesses are linked to their own communities. On our "On The Web Community" of websites, we offer free business listings within a county wide website.

Our first community website was Dutchess On The Web. It offers free directory listings to all local businesses. We also offer paid links for those listings and a paid category area where your business can be listed by what you do. Our prices are very reasonable and affordable for everyone.

As we expanded we found that local communities were self promoting and where available were revolving around the rail trails with the movement towards healthy living. A good example of a local rail trail community is Dutchess Rail Trail. It incorporates a county wide business directory and business listings. It has a county map with areas sectioned into local towns and villages. It is a perfect way to find local businesses in your area even if they don't have a brick and mortar footprint. Same as above, we have free listings and paid links, categories and advertising.

These are pictures we took on the Walkway Over The Hudson


The clouds were amazing, stretching north to as far as the eye could see, and to the south, way beyond the Mid-Hudson Bridge. The clouds were so thick they looked like a tsunami rolling from the east to the west across the Hudson River. See the photos on our slider on the home page for a bigger perspective of the enormous cloud cover.